Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Manga Vol. 1 Chapter 1

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Volume 1, CHAPTER 1 - 3.2.1 Let it rip! The battle begins!!

Takao practices his Beyblading outside. "Let's get started, Dragoon!! ... 3, 2, 1 Let it rip!!" It turns out that he's in a place where there is a fencing room called Heart of the Dragon. An old man dressed in a kimono with training pants yells: "Takao! Takao, where are you? ... Hm, this little punk hid to skip the morning's training!!" Meanwhile, Takao's Dragoon hits can after can on the ground. "18, 19, 20!!" Takao's ecstatic: "Record beaten! There's only one obstacle left, but it isn't an easy one!!" Dragoon jumps and lands on a long piece of wood with a bucket at its end. The bucket has a target drawn on it. There's a small inclination at the end of the piece of wood followed by some space and then the bucket. "Today, it'll work!!" Dragoon jumps again using the inclined plan, and it succeds in knocking down the bucket full of water. "Awesome| You did it, Dragoon!!" Putting one knee on the ground to pick up his Beyblade, Takao winks: "With that, I'm ready for the today's tournament!!" Out of nowhere, the old man screams at Takao: "You little punk!!" Completely shocked, eyes wide, Takao says: "Grandfather!!" Takao's grandfather grabs the back of his vest and lifts him up the ground. "Really! Skipping your fencing lessons to play with spinning tops!!" Dangling in the air desperately, Takao defends himself: "It's not a top, it's a Beyblade!!" "I don't care, you'll start with 1000 hits!!"

Back at their house, Takao practices what is more kendo than fencing. He swings the baton from above his head down to hip-level for the 600th time, and his grandfather reminds him: "Still 400 to go!!" while he just sits down on the balcony on the side, seemingly meditating while his hands rest at the top of his own staff. Exhausted, Takao says: "Please... I'll be late for the tournament!!" His grandfather is agitated, showing his fist: "How dare you?!" Closing his eyes, he becomes more spiritual: "Listen well, Takao! As a Kinomiya, you must know the secret techniques that we pass down from generation to generation. You'll fight with all your might, you'll be one with the dragon, and you'll destroy your ennemies. That's what the fencing of the dragon heart is!! I won't tolerate that my heir ignores this." With a determined smile on his face, Takao says: "Grandfather, I don't want to be a fencer... I want to be a great Beyblader!!" Annoyed, his grandfather reopens his eyes and grips his staff: "I see, you won't give me a choice!!" With both of their staffs crossed, he says: "If you touch me only one time, I'll let you do what you want!!" Excited, Takao replies: "Okay, I'll do my best!!" His grandfathers counters one of his hits, so Takao goes for another attempt, but his grandfather succeeds in completely swipping him off his feet instead. As he launches at Takao, he says: "Be careful, Takao!!" As he moves forward, his grandfather walks on some flowers, which makes Takao think: "Oh no! The flowers!" He almost instinctively brings out his launcher and Beyblade, and shoots his Dragoon right up at his grandfather's staff to stop him short before he crushes any other flowers: "No! Stop, grandfather!" The old man is surprised. "Wha... What's wrong with you, Takao?!" Kneeling and looking down at the plants, Takao whispers: "The flowers..." Gently touching one of them, he explains: "These flowers... They were mom's favorite." His grandfather is actually shocked: "So that was it... In my fury, I almost walked on them..." Bringing his staff up to his face, he realises, in his mind: "Aaargh! My bamboo blade is broken!! ... But where does Takao get this power?!" He recalls his grandson launching his Beyblade: "That speed and that control... Those are the qualities prized by the school of the dragon heart!!" Looking smug, he keeps thinking: "My lessons were successful, in the end..." He is too late to realise that Takao got back into the game behind his back and he delivers a hit to his head: "Take that!!" He smiles while his grandfather is completely dumbfounded. Automatically changed into his usual clothing gear, Takao runs away. "Wait... Wait a moment, that didn't count!!" In response, Takao says: "A hit is a hit! Have a good day!!" Closing his eyes, his grandfather can only sigh, exasperated. He looks upwards at the sky, and it's as if a woman's face appears. The old man thinks: "As you can see, your son has become a tough boy with a big heart!" Thinking about his broken staff lying on the ground, he realises: "Hm, maybe even a little bit too tough..."

Now at the Hobby Dome arena, kids are really excited. The announcer narrates the events: "Welcome to the second Beyblade tournament!! ... The battle rages on in the room!!" Takao plays against another Blader and knocks his Beyblade out. The referee calls the match: "Stadium exit!! Winner: Takao!!" The announcer continues talking: "It's the end of the eliminations for Block B... ! ... Our winner is Takao Kinomiya!!" Said Blader throws his fist up in the air triumphantly: "Yess! It was worth it to skip the training session, grandfather!!" Elsewhere, an intimidating Blader sits on a bench with his arms and legs crossed, eyes closed. The announcer calls: "The winner of Block A is Hiruta... The champion from the first Beyblade tournament!! ... The final will be between our two candidats in 30 minutes. We can't wait for it!!"

Takao gulps down a can of soda rapidly. "My throat is dry... I must calm down for the finals..." Kyoujyu, who was standing beside him, back resting on the wall and cradling his laptop, calls out to him: "Well well! The fearless Takao is frightened?!" Takao is shocked to see him there: "It's... It's you, Kyoujyu? You came for your research?! ... Hey! You've got some nerves!!" Ignoring that last comment, Kyoujyu replies: "Well yes, as you can see! Beyblades! It's the battle resulting from the collision of two objects animated by a rotation of very high frequency!! It's the brand new generation of fighting techniques!! ... Whether it's in physics or in science, there's no better subject of study!! ... Huh, Takao, you agree?!" Takao shows him a very stupid smile: "It's complicated, I don't really understand..." Deciding to ignore him, Kyoujyu starts typing quickly on his laptop: "Whatever, I plan on recording all the data from the finals!" Unsure, Takao still replies: "Oh well... Let's both do our best!"

Somewhere around them, Hiruta is kicking some Beyblades angrily. The kids are shocked: "Hey! What're you doing?!" Takao whispers: "Huh! That's the one I'm going to battle against..." Hiruta yells to the kids: "Shut up! Don't you see that you're blocking the way!!" The kids try to stand up to him: "That's not a reason to walk on our Beyblades!!" But the bully cannot be reasoned with: "In that case, I'll crush them!!" He lifts his foot, ready to let it drop back down to destroy the Beyblades. The kids are scared: "Hey! No, stop!!" Kyoujyu barely has time to feel anything beside him as Takao rushes to help the kids. He jumps low to destabilise Hiruta, who indeed falls down on his back. Everyone is shocked by his reaction. Rubbing his head, Hiruta groans: "What're you doing, idiot?!" Getting back on his feet, Takao replies: "It's actually me who should ask that!!" He turns to look at him directly in the eyes, with a determined stare: "A real Beyblader who knows the value of Beyblades would never do that!!" Hiruta grimaces as well as smirks, and grips the front of his jacket. "Don't you say, aren't you Takao, by any chance? If so, listen to me well." He tears open his jacket to reveal the logo of the Shell Killers printed on his black T-shirt underneath. "Beyblades are nothing but tools... for us, the Shell Killers!!" All the kids are shocked to hear this, and recall who the Shell Killers are: "The Shell Killers!! ... A group of lawless brutes... That's who the Shell Killers are!!" Intimidated, the kids form a circle to talk: "I didn't know he was a Shell Killer." "We don't know what he could do to us, we should apologise." Takao hears those whispers and turns around, looking very mad: "Wh... What?!" Pointing towards Hiruta but looking at the kids, he claims: "We don't care about the Shelf Killers! He's wrong!!" A kid quietly corrects him: "It's Shell Killers..."

Hiruta grabs Takao by the front of his shirt: "You bore me with your sermons!!" he says, almost spitting in his face. This somehow shocks Takao: "Wh... What?!" Fortunately, a referre comes up to them in time, innocently: "What are you two still doing there?! The final's about to start!!" The Shell Killer lets go of Takao, but points him: "It'll be the opportunity to blast you!!" Even as Hiruta had turned his back to him, Takao retorts, fist raised: "I won't be beat by a rat like you!!" Just before leaving, jacket tucked by his side, Hiruta issues a warning: "Let me give you a little advice. Be careful, accidents are quickly done! ... Really, keep an eye out!!"

Both bladers are now already positioned at the stadium, in a sort of boxing ring arena. All the audience is all sat and ready too. "Finally! The moment of the final that we've all been waiting for has come!! ... This giant stadium that you see before your eyes was created specifically for this occasion!!" An electronic board with two columns of three lights shows two names: S. Hiruta and T. Kinomiya. "The game will be played in three points!!" One of the kids explains the rest out loud: "The first candidat to win 2 points will therefore be our champion!"

Kyoujyu stands right behind Takao, on the borders of the arena. "Takao! According to the data I've compiled... Hiruta always plays on the thin line of legality. Be careful!!" Takao still seems confident: "Thanks, Kyoujyu! But personally, I plan on battling for real!!" Kyoujyu, with his glasses over his eyes, is abashed by that determination to still play by the rules: "Takao..."

The two Bladers get ready to launch. "The two candidats are in position..." Hiruta trashtalks again with a confident smirk: "You'll regret your pretty speech!!" The referee calls the beginning of the match with a traffic light behind him to assist him: "3, 2, 1 Let it rip!" Takao shoots his Beyblade completely vertically in the stadium, but Hiruta shifts to his right side and launches his Beyblade on the ground outside of the stadium but still inside the boxing ring. "Take that, Takao!!" His Beyblade appears to fly right out. The announcer is shocked: "Huh... ? Hiruta's shot just largely missed the target!" Kyoujyu is happy with that: "There it is, the point is for Takao... What!? The Beyblade bounced on a pole!!" Indeed, Hiruta's top rebounded on one of the four poles around the stadium... and it goes straight towards Takao! He barely has time to put his arm in front of his face before the Beyblade hits him violently. In pain, Takao falls to his knees and elbows. "Uuh..." he groans. Kyoujyu's worried: "Takao, are you alright?!" Hiruta smirks wildly: "I told you to keep an eye out!!" The whole crowd boos him: "Cheater!" "Disqualify him!" Kyoujyu points to him: "You did it on purpose?!" The referee turns to him, incredulous: "Hiruta! Was that attack planned?!" Hiruta just closes his eyes, grunting without caring. The referee puts a hand on his shoulder: "Answer! Do you want to be disqualified?!" "Wait!!" Takao is back on his feet, holding his left arm by his side: "Don't do that, please..." Then he fully opens both of his eyes: "It's between me and him!! I'll go 'till the end!!" Everyone's amazed by him, especially Kyoujyu: "Takao..." The referee's all troubled: "Eh... In that case, that match can continue." All the kids cheer for Takao: "Takao, you're so cool!" "We're with you, Takao!!" Hiruta grits his teeth, his hands in fists: "Fuck! I'll teach you not to try to be smart!!"

Takao puts his Dragoon back on his launcher, but pain attacks him in his left arm. "Ouch...! My hand really hurts. I can't hold my launcher anymore ... But... But, that's not what'll stop me!!" The announcer calls the match: "Ready for the second round? 3, 2, 1 Let it rip!!" Takao's only thought at the moment is: "I must not lose!!" As he launches, a horrible pain appears in his hand, which makes his Beyblade mostly wobble inside the stadium, at the mercy of Hiruta's Beyblade. "Oh my god! Takao lost the control of his launcher!" Hiruta's fine with that: "He's mine!!" "Hiruta went to strike the Beyblade in difficulty!!" Dragoon easily gets knocked out of the stadium. "It's a tie!!", which means that Hiruta's previous attack on Takao had counted as a point against him, so he was ready to lose a round just to intimidate and strike at Takao to weaken him in the next matches. Kyoujyu asks to see Takao's hand, as he removes his glove. A huge part on the left side of his left hand is wounded. "But... It doubled in size!!" Takao takes the opportunity to just rest, holding his left arm. "You're not in any state to fight, you must forfeit." In his pain, Takao thinks: "Kyoujyu's surely right... My hand's all numb. I can't feel anything. I can't fight in those conditions!!" However, at that moment, Takao hears shouts from behind him: "Go, Takao!!" "Don't let him get you down!!" Takao realises that the whole crowd supports him. Closing his eyes, he forces himself to move on: "No! It's not the time to abandon!!" Suddenly, he hears something in his mind, seemingly his grandfather's wise words: "Believe in yourself, Takao!! ... Use the secret strength from the heart of the dragon that I taught you to master in your fencing lessons!! Be one with the dragon, and you will finally be able to discover who you are!!" This revelation shocks Takao: "Be one with the dragon?! ... Eh! But, the dragon, its'...!! DRAGOON!!"

Takao immediately gets back to his feet with renewed motivation. He holds his launcher in his right hand now and holds it high, proudly. "It's not over! I'll go to the end, no matter the costs!!" This shocks Kyoujyu. Hiruta gets annoyed by his comeback: "I'll show you what I can do. You'll take the beating of your life!!" The announcer calls the match without waiting any longer: "Last round, ready..." Takao firmly holds his launcher still in his right hand. "It's your turn, Dragoon!!" A strange power inhabits Takao, which makes a dragon symbol appear on his forehead. Kyoujyu observes the scene, completely flabbergasted: "It's... It's a dragon! It's a blue dragon that's enveloping Takao!!" As the announcer finalises the call of the match with the countdown, Takao jumps slightly, goes on the elastic cords around the boxing ring arena and propels himself way high in the air. "But... But... The candidat Kinomiya went on the ropes! What in hell could he be planning?! He... He jumped up!!" An astonished Kyoujyu receives two shoes on his head: "Hey!?"

The trick Takao had prepared is truly unbelievable: with a cry, he puts his launcher between his feet and, while still way up in the air, he grabs the winder with his right hand and rips it off powerfully. "Incredible! He uses his whole body to launch in the middle of a jump!!" A dumbfounded Hiruta indeed just dumbly shoots his Beyblade straight in the stadium while staring upwards at Takao: "Wh... What?!" Takao's Dragoon strikes Hiruta's Beyblade right on top of it, sending it straight out of the stadium. "Hiruta was swiped away by this lightning attack!! ... The games are over! Victory by two points for Takao!!" While picking up his laptop, Kyoujyu asks Takao, still dazed by the whole thing and the impact of his shoes: "What was that dragon?! Huh, Takao?!" He looks around looking for Takao. He finds him caught in the air to one of the light projectors of the arena, dangling by his jacket. "Hey hoh, come unhook me!!" "Aaah..."

Takao gets his trophy, overflowing with happiness and pride, and everyone is glad for his victory. "The big winner of this tournament is Takao Kinomiya!!" "Yeah! Congrats, Dragoon!!"

Meanwhile, a mysterious boy whose features are mostly clouded by the shadows except the odd, spiky hairstyle and the scarf, somewhere in the Hobby Dome arena, is slightly destabilized. He thinks: "The blue dragon spirit... How!?"