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Bull / ブル
Age: 13-14
Team: Wild Fang
Coach: None
Beyblade(s): Dark Bull H145SD
Holy Beast: None
Special Attacks:
Appearances: Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion episodes 70, 71, ~
Seiyuu: Miyake Kenta
English Voice Actor: Jason Deline

General Description

During the Big Bang Bladers tournament in Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion, Benkei comes out of hiding to act as a submember for team Wild Fang. However, since he doesn't exactly represent Africa, he masks his identity with bull-inspired clothings and a lucha libra wrestling mask, calling himself "Bull". Of course, this is a way to be part of Kyouya's team and by his side.

He tries to fit well in the team, but he ends up being too impulsive and easily angered to play along in a tag team battle.