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Name Changes

Note: Original, Japanese = ChangescolourJpn.jpg
                  English Dub = ChangescolourDub.jpg



Takao Kinomiya - Tyson Granger
Kai Hiwatari
- Kai Hiwatari
Rei Kon
- Ray Kon
Max Mizuhara
- Max Tate
Daichi Sumeragi
- Daichi Sumeragi
- Chief/Kenny

Lai - Lee
- Mariah
- Garry
- Kevin
Michael Summers - Michael
- Emily
- Eddy
- Steven
Rick Anderson
- Rick

Ralf Jurgen - Robert Jurgen
Johnny McGregor
- Johnny McGregor
Giancarlo Tornatore
- Enrique
Olivier Boulanger
- Oliver
Blot - Saguinex
- Lupinex
- Zomb
- Cenotaph
Yuriy Ivanov - Tala
Boris Kuznetsov
- Bryan
- Spencer
Ivan Papov
- Ian

Hiruta Makoto - Carlos
- Stuart
- Casey
- Trevor
- Billy
Ozma - Ozuma
- Dunga
- Mariam
- Joseph
Kane Yamashita - Kane
- Goki
- Salima
- Jim


Mihaeru - Miguel
Claude Dugarry
- Claude
- Mathilda
- Aaron

Raul Fernandez - Raul
Julia Fernandez
- Julia

Garland Siebold - Garland Siebold
- Crusher
Ming Ming
- Ming Ming
- Mystel
- Brooklyn

(They do not exist!) - AJ Topper and Brad Best
Akira - Andrew
Alan McKenzie
- Alan
- Antonio
Jean-Paul Barthez
- Jean-Paul Barthez
Blader DJ
- DJ Jazzman
- Chen
Daigoro Sumeragi
- Daigoro Sumeragi
(Does not exist!)
- Dizzi
Dr. B
- Dr. B
Dr. K
- Dr. K
Dr. Zaggart
- Dr. Zaggart
Gou Hiwatari
- Gou Hiwatari
Hikaru Tomonji
- Hikaru Tomonji
- Gordo
Hiromi Tachibana
- Hilary Tatibana
Hitoshi Kinomiya
- Hiro Granger
Judy Mizuhara
- Judy Tate
Kennosuke Shishi
- Kennosuke Shishi
Kenta - Kenta
- King
- Kotaro
Makoto Kinomiya
- Makoto (...)
Masaru - Masaru
Master Chairman President Daitenji
- Mr. Dickenson
- Monica
Mr. X
- Mr. X
Mrs. Hiwatari
- Mrs. Hiwatari
Old master Tao
- Tao
- Queen
Rin Kon
- Rin Kon
Rinko Sumeragi
- Rinko Sumeragi
- Romero
Ryuunosuke Kinomiya
- Gramps
Sanchez & Marco
- Sanchez & Marco
Sōichirō Hiwatari
- Voltaire Hiwatari
Susumu Hiwatari
- Susumu Hiwatari
Taro Mizuhara
- Mr. Tate
Tatsuya Kinomiya
- Mr. Granger
- Tenmaru
- Boris Balkov
- Yamada
Yoshie Kinomiya
- Yoshie (...)
- Wyatt
- Alexander
ZO Zaggart
- Zeo Zaggart

Basic Changes

  • Go Shoot! - Let it rip!

  • ­All the beybladers in the English dub are around two years older than in the Japanese version. 

  • Of course, all the openings and endings were changed. The

Japanese soundtracks are very different to the English songs. The latter were litteraly songs, meaning that there were lyrics, while the former were just music except for the opening and ending tracks. 

  • All Japanese Beyblade logos were modified so they had no more

Japanese writing on them. 

  • All Japanese episode titles were changed to so-so word plays with 'Beyblade'. 

  • In the original version, the beyblade's name was different to

the holy beast's. For example, Takao's beyblade is called Dragoon [MS], yet his Holy Beast is Seiryuu; Kai's blade is Dranzer [MS], but his Holy Beast is Suzaku. Driger is then Byakko and Draciel is Genbu. Those Japanese names simply mean "Blue Dragon", "Red Phoenix", "White Tiger" and "Black Turtle". 

  • The sounds used for attacks, beyblade collisions, holy beasts,

etc. in the Japanese version were generally kept in the English dub. All the voices were changed though, obviously. In the original, all the main characters have female voice actors, while only Daichi and one or two other secondary characters have one. 

Cut Scenes/Mistakes


Ryuunosuke Kinomiya

He talked normally in the original version. 

Kyouju's computer

There was no Dizzi at all in the original version. All you could see on Kyouju's computer was informative stuff, such as reviews of beyblades and short films he had taken during battles. Dizzi was shown all throughout the first two seasons for comic relief instead though. 

Max's speech

In the Japanese version, Max randomly speaks in English sometimes. This is logical since he is both Japanese and English (stated by his father in the third episode). In the manga, he sometimes says English phrases as well. Whether it was because of the show being in English or not, this was totally removed in the dub.


In the original, there were always eyecatches before and after commercial breaks. There were a few versions for each season. In G Revolution, Nelvana, the company dubbing Beyblade, kept the season's eyecatches yet added "Heavy Metal System", probably to advertise the toy line. 

Character Profiles/Screens

Mostly in G Revolution, the big TV screen behind Blader DJ often showed who the next beybladers to battle would be. Instead of having an off-screen blue profile shot of each blader, the TV screen showed each character's picture for the tournament / their full, known name ("Claude Dugarry") / the team they were on / the nickname they were given, mostly referring to their holy beast or blading style. This information was set on an animated firey background.


At the end of each episode from all three seasons, there was always a preview of the next episode to show. The dub never showed one bit of it.

Episode Titles

The screen used at the beginning of each episode to show the title is different.

Beyblade 2001

Episode 1

There was no dialogue in the first scene in Japanese.  Shots of Takao's grandfather and Takao were cut.  While Takao and Ryuunosuke are dining around a table, the older man licks his kendo stick... 

Cut20011 3.jpg

As they are eating, Takao sees the fish that his grandfather is holding with sticks 'duplicate' itself three times, making a longer series of fish. That is what originally gave him the idea to lengthen his winder. 

After his defeat to Takao, Hiruta runs away yet stills as he sees Kai, his team's captain. The latter tells Hiruta he knew he was bad and slaps him, making his teammate fall down to the ground. In the original, you really see Kai hitting Hiruta. 

Episode 2

Shots of Kyouju and Shell Killer members were cut.

In the original version, only Takao, Kai and Kyouju could see Dranzer and Dragoon. Akira and the Shell Killer members could not.

Shots of the end of Ryuunosuke's sword and Takao were cut. 

Episode 3

Shots of Max, Takao, Kyouju and Taro Mizuhara were cut. 

Ryuunosuke hits Takao. 

Shots of Takao and his grandfather were cut. 

Ryuunosuke taps Takao and makes him fall down. 

Episode 4

Shots of Blader DJ were cut out.

The dubbers cut a shot of a Japanese sign saying "Competitor's Waiting Room". 

Kai and Kyouju were originally in Block B, not Block C. Takao wass in Block C, not Block D. After Kai defeated Kyouju, Takao was about to punch him but Kyouju stopped him. Kai walked off afterwards. 

A shot of Rei was cut. 

Episode 5

A short scene of Takao running with sandwiches in his mouth was cut. 

In the original version, Kyouju did not know who Rei was before they properly met him. 

Max's pendant was actually a gift from his mother, not his grandmother. 

Cut20015 2.jpg

Shots of Max's father explaining Metal Ball Defense were cut out. 

Shots of Taro Mizuhara were cut. 

Max actually bites the winder. 

When Takao, Max and Kyouju are bathing in hot springs, they hear something coming from behind the huge rock near the water. So they get out of the water, completly naked... Their back is to us, though. 

Episode 6

Kyouju originally had a flashback of Rei from previous episodes.

Shots of Rei, the stadium, Blader DJ and President Daitenji were cut out. 

In the dub, Max asks his father how Rei made his beyblade disappear, yet it was in fact Takao's that did. 

Another shot of Rei was cut. 

Episode 7

The first scene in the Japanese version was the cage being placed. In the dub, it was moved to later. 

The supposed 'birthday party' thrown for Takao was actually a good luck party in the original version. 

A particular view of the cage was removed in the dub. 

Shots of Blader DJ were cut out. 

Cut20017 9.jpg

Shots of Ryuunosuke and Rei were cut. 

There were also close-ups of Takao, Kai and Kyouju cut in the dub. 

In the Japanese version, a map of the world with beybladers could be seen.  

In the original, Kai was convinced to join team BBA because he was told there were a lot of strong beybladers with holy beasts across the world. 

Episode 16

During the flashback of Rei and Mao's childhood, the original scene was longer and included the memory of Rei protecting Mao from boys who had cornered her. In the dub, the flashback only showed Rei teaching Mao to beyblade.

Episode 35

After Takao lost to Giancarlo, Kyouju goes up to the European beyblader and smacks him. 

Episode 38

While team BBA are getting ready to compete in the European championship, Takao is amazed by the multiple things in the stadium. Out of those things, he mentions the huge washrooms...

A short moment later, when Takao is walking around the building halls, he meets Blot. After a small conversation, Takao gets scared, takes a broom that was lying beside him and attacks Blot. However, the other beyblader is not 'materially in his cape' anymore, so Takao just squashes the piece of clothing on the floor while Blot threatens him again. In the dub, the whole scene with the broom was cut. 

Episode 40

After Zangiev loses against Takao, Volkov congratulates his opponent, then he steps on Zangiev's Beyblade, breaking it completely. After, Volkov says there are consequences to losing and Zangiev begs for mercy. Volkov calls the guards with a snap of his fingers and, in the dub, almost immediately after they have approached Volkov and Zangiev, the scene jumps to Rei trying to defend the young Abbey beyblader. However, in the original version, Volkov actually grabs Zangiev, further ignores his pleas and throws him into the guards' hands. Cut200140 1.gif

Episode 41

When Kai sneaks up in the Abbey, he unconsciously goes into the lower 'dungeons', where losers are locked up. While all the other cells were empty, he meets Zangiev, who had lost to Takao the day before. The small kid begs Kai to help him out, yet this reminds Kai of his past. This frightens him and he walks backwards and into Volkov, who had been standing behind him, watching the whole scene. All that is seen in the dub is that Kai sees 'something' which scares him and makes him step back.

Before finding Zangiev, Kai looks into laboratories containing giant transparent tubes in which reside different beasts like a bear, a dolphin, a bird, a snake and a wolf. Scientists extract the animals' spirits to create holy beasts of their own. Consequently, this is how Wolborg, Wyborg, Seaborg and Falborg were made. In the English dub, most of the creatures are not shown.

Episode 42

In this episode, the kind of training that goes on in the Abbey is revealed. Kids do sit-ups on spiked tables and do pull-ups above a hundreds of snakes.

After Kai has seen Black Dranzer chained in the middle of the room, Volkov explains to him how the beyblade was built. The man shown on the picture below is the one who made Black Dranzer, apparently. It seems he is called Rasputin and that, as a monk, he created Black Dranzer to conquer the world.

There is also a conversation between Yuriy and Ivan while the latter was battling Takao that was cut. Yuriy told Ivan to remember what Volkov had told them about not showing their true strenght. Ivan's reply showed he understood. 

Episode 43

When Takao learns that Kai has betrayed them, he goes to punch him but Kyouju restrains him. As Kai comes to the stadium and Blader DJ announces he has joined the Borgs, Takao goes up to him and asks why he betrayed team BBA. Kai does not answer; he roughly pushes Takao aside and continues his interupted walk to the Beyblade dish. In the dub, we only see Takao standing in front of Kai, then there is a cut, Kai continues walking and Takao talks on the ground.

Episode 46

During Kai's long explanation of what exactly goes on inside the Abbey, there were shots of a blue holy beast, a mutated wolf: Yuriy's Wolborg.

Episode 50

There was no such thing as a 'Cyber Tala' in the original version. Yuriy was just genetically enhanced.

Beyblade 2002

Episode 4

Dialogues were added in the dub sometimes.In the Japanese version, you could see Kyouju and Hiromi being grabbed by the kidnappers.

A short scene of Hiromi being pushed over was cut. 

There was originally a shot of Kyouju and Hiromi inside the van. 

In the kidnappers' first phone call, they actually threatened to kill Takao's two friends if he did not do as they asked.  After the third call, Takao slammed the phone down. 

A scene of Takao being knocked off his bike by the car was cut. 

The explosion was cut out when Takao, Kyouju and Hiromi left by boat. 

In Takao's flashback, there were originally only shots of Dragoon. 

Episode 5

Some dialogues were longer and added in the dub.

Kai knocks Yuuya down when the window is smashed. 

In the original version, Kai and Dunga had already met before. 

The scenes where Yuuya follows Kai were longer in Japanese.   Yuuya actually listened at Kai's door and Kai caught him. 

A short scene of Yuuya protecting himself from things falling from above him was cut. 

A shot of Yuuya hanging from the rooftop was cut. 

Episode 16

Cyber Dranzer's power being too much for Yuuya, he becomes insane and loses control. In the original version, Yuuya in fact dies after the battle. That is why Kai has illusions of him during his battle against Goki and feels so guilty about the whole event.

Episode 22

After Max lost to Jim, Dunga is furious at him for being careless about the whole battle. He punches Max, then Takao and Rei come to hold Dunga down.

Episode 27

Although it was not exactly cut in the dub, it was more obvious in the Japanese version that Dr. B and Gideon actually die when the building collaspses. 

Episode 28

During the car chase between the thieves and the police, there was shooting at the thieves' car clearly shown. 

A short clip of Takao riding the bike he took was removed. 

When Takao is riding the bike and is at a certain distance behind Max's father's car, both Max and his father turn around to look at him, and Takao eventually manages to jump on a piece of metal to get in front of the car. In the dub, we can only see Takao behind, then Takao in front right after. 

Some scenes of the police cars skidding after crashing were cut. 

A clip of two other cars being shot at and one landing on top of the other was cut. Instead, all that is seen in the dub is two cars upside down, their windshield destroyed, without any explanation. 

Shots of Takao before and after ripping his Beyblade were deleted or shortened. 

Episode 29

Scenes of Takao looking over the town were cut. 

In the original version, the police officers are silent when watching the smashed cars, but they were made to say "Good thing everyone is alright" in the dub to ensure that no death would be inferred. 

Episode 37

When Mariam and Max battle at the amusement park, a short scene of glass bottles shattering was cut.

Episode 41

When Zaggart discovers that his son, ZO, eavesdropped on his conversation with Dr. K, he grabs him by the throat, pins him to the wall and lets him drop to the ground after. 

Episode 44

During the press conference, just before the beginning of the tournament, President Daitenji gets attacked by a Beyblade.

Episode 51

The lights shatter at some point during one of ZO's attack.

Beyblade The Movie

Instead of "Beyblade: Fierce Battle", the movie was originally called "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade The Movie: Gekitou!! Takao Vs. Daichi". 

In Japan, the movie was originally showed just before G Revolution started airing, as it is supposed to be in chronological order. 

During the final match of the Japanese tournament, a sign in the background says "Go Shoot" instead of "Let it rip" in the English version of the movie.

Beyblade G Revolution

Title Screen

Japanese version:

Dranzer's Fire Sometimes, the fire that appears when Dranzer (and Kai) attacks was coloured blue. This is a weird change since blue fire is hotter than the red/orange one. It also looked ridiculous at times. CutDranzersfire.jpg

Max's Favorite Condiment

In the Japanese version, Max puts mayonnaise on almost everything he eats. In the dub, they say it is mustard, even though it is clearly more white than yellow on screen.

Episode 1

Daichi refers to Hiromi as an old woman (obaasan). He keeps calling her that way throughout the season, which gives Hiromi a good reason to act ticked off so much.  Cut1.jpg

Takao calls Daichi 'monkey' (yamazaru). In the dub, he did refer to him that way in this episode, yet Takao keeps calling him 'monkey' during the season. 

There were several shots of the sign/banner of Takao's beyblading lessons. The sign said "Sekai ichi no Beyblader / Kinomiya Takao-sensei no Beyblade kyouiku"; in other words, "Number One Beyblade / Takao Kinomiya-sensei's Beyblade lessons". 

The kid that was blading against Takao had a blade called Soguro. In the English dub, it had no name. 

Daichi originally believed that a Beyblade stadium was a rice bowl. A shot of Takao and Hiromi each were cut. 

A shot of Takao waving his arms was cut. 

When Takao still declined Daichi's Beyblade challenge, Daichi said something which angered Takao... Cut1 11.jpg

Shots of Max riding his bicycle to where Takao was were removed from the end of the episode. 

Episode 2

Takao is seen taking a bath.

When Rei announces his departure to team BBA, Takao is upset and grabs him by the front of his shirt. Kyouju tries to calm Takao down yet he gets punched and falls to the ground. This shocks Max.

Hitoshi's Metal Driger flies at Daichi's head.

A shot of Max on his bike was cut. 

While eating, Takao asking for more rice was not in the dub. 

A scene of Takao walking towards Rei was cut out.

Episode 3

At the beginning of the episode, Takao has a dream which was cut in the dub. Purple hands appear from the ground to grab him, preventing him from going after Rei and Max, who had just left team BBA. This is obviously a metaphor. 

This shot of Takao was cut. 

Also, this picture of Dragoon was not showed. 

There were scenes showing people at the pool cut out. 

In the original, the note Shippu no Jin sent for Takao said to meet him at the park at 7:30 PM while in the dub Rei said the rendezvous was at 8 o'clock sharp. However, the clock at the park indicated 7:30 PM when the two meet for the battle. 

Shippu no Jin's attack was "Wave Buster Illusion" in the Japanese version, not "Wave Buster Attack". 

The music playing on Rick's radio, in the original version, is the fifth track of the Original Soundtrack of G Revolution, "Max no Theme". 

Episode 4

Takao was originally picking his nose. 

Takao's head is smacked by his grandfather.

Daichi was tied and gagged. At night, he started crying since Takao forgot to untie him. It is Takao's grandfather who finaly realises that he is still tied up, but him appearing scares Daichi. 

Daichi kicks Takao. 

While he watches the cat on top of a building, Kai was actually silent in the Japanese version.

On the way to his hometown in China, Rei was not originally talking on the boat. 

In the Japanese version, Kyouju is seen working on his Beyblade, Einstein MS.

A simple shot of team Bai Hu Zu was cut in the dub. 

While Rick beyblades in alleys against random bladers, there were originally people waving money, betting on the outcome of the battle.

Shippu no Jin glares at Daichi.

The dubbers added a flashback from episode 3, when Max first met Rick. 

Episode 5

A shot of Takao needing the toilet was cut.   Daichi reaches out to grab more food, yet Hiromi and Takao smack his head down on the table. 

A shot of Kyouju was cut. 

A shot of Takao, Daichi and Hiromi was cut. 

A short scene of Kyouju placing his injured arm under the tap was removed. 

A shot of Hiromi looking at Takao was cut. 

In the dub, it was said that the match between Kyouju vs. Kotarou was part of Block B, yet Takao, Kyouju and Kotarou were all in Block A. Only Daichi and Kai were in the other block. 

There was a short scene of Takao punching lockers. 

There was a sign of the match between Takao and Kotarou. 

A close-up of Kotarou's beyblade inside Dragoon's attack, Galaxy Storm, was cut. 

Kotarou originally talked before Takao did his special attack. 

A shot of Dragoon was cut. 

A shot of Kotarou falling backwards was cut. 

A short scene of Kotarou watching Takao's Galaxy Storm attack was cut. 

Episode 6

Takao makes a bet that he can spin a beyblade on his head, yet Kyouju and Hiromi picture him naked and keep laughing about it. Cut6 1.jpg

A shot of Kotarou was cut. 

In the original version, Daichi jumps on Takao's head. Takao throws him off and Daichi lands on Hiromi. Both of them fall to the floor. 

A shot of Takao was cut. 

Shots of Daichi with ripped pants were not shown in the dub. 

Takao shakes Kyouju in the original version.   In the Japanese version, Gaia Dragoon shoots up and through the stadium roof, shattering glass in the process, and falls back down. 

A shot of Kai was cut. 

A shot of Daichi and Blader DJ was removed. 

Episode 7

Shots of Max, Emily, Rick, Michael, Judy, Takao, Daichi, Hiromi, Rei and Lai were cut in the dub.

In the original version, Rick was switching his music on, not off. 

Rei grabs Lai by the shirt.

Episode 8

The dialogue between Kai and Hitoshi was shorter in Japanese. 

Hiromi punches Daichi because he still called her 'obaasan'. She also sat on him. 

Hitoshi announces to Takao, Daichi, Kyouju and Hiromi that Kai chose not to join team BBA. Takao does not take him seriously and starts shaking his brother, which angers him. Hitoshi pushes Takao to the ground to make him realise how serious the situation really is and that he has to choose a partner. In the dub, one second you see Takao and Hitoshi standing, the next Takao is on the ground and looks shocked while Hitoshi shows his fist. Cut8.jpg

In the Japanese version, you could actually see Takao and Daichi falling from the cliff into the river. 

The nuts Takao and Daichi ate in the forest were in fact mushrooms. 

Takao and Daichi could be seen surrounded by fire, in the forest. 

They were almost hit by a tree. 

Their tent was on fire. 

Episode 9

Extra dialogues were added by the dubbers.

Instead of asking where New York city was, Daichi was asking where America was located.

Michael originally pushed Max to the floor, which made the members of PPB All Stars laugh.   Daichi caught the baseball. 

A kid cleaned up Takao and Daichi. After, he stole their blades, which was left in the dub. 

In the Japanese version, when Daichi was looking for the thief in a shop, the shopkeeper could not help him because he did not understand Japanese (being American) and thought Daichi wanted to buy the cap he was pointing at. 

Takao pushed Daichi to the ground.

Episode 10

The scene with Takao's grandfather, in their dojo, was silent in the Japanese version.

A close-up of team BBA was cut. 

Screens showing the upcoming matches were edited. 

Daichi was picking his nose. 

Shots of President Daitenji, Driger, Galeon, Rei and Lai were cut. 

Episode 11

Takao punched a wall.

Shots of Takao and team Bai Hu Zu were cut. 

A shot of Kyouju and Hiromi looking for Takao was cut. 

A shot of Raul and Kai was cut. One of Raul was moved to a different time. 

Shots of Blader DJ, Barthez's Soldiers & PPB All Stars and the crowd cheering the latter were cut. 

In the Japanese version, the crowd was actually chanting 'USA' instead of 'PPB'. 

Originally, there was a shot of where Claude was hit by the needle and one of him falling to the ground. 

Shots of the Statue of Liberty were cut. 

Takao punched the ground. 

Episode 12

Daichi calls Hiromi 'obaasan' again, and she throws her tray at him. 

After their defeat or when they did not obey his orders, Barthez would punish his 'soldiers'. In the privacy of their designated room, Barthez already slapped/punched Mathilda and Mihaeru. The latter got it worse than Aaron, Claude and Mathilda since he was the most determined to go up against Barthez. Barthez's slap to Mathilda was not shown in the dub, yet the sound was heard and she then hit the lockers behind her. 

Shots of Barthez's Soldiers were cut out. Ones of them going to help Mathilda too. 

Shots of Barthez's laptop, Blader DJ, Rei, Kyouju, Hiromi and Daichi were cut. 

After his match, Claude started punching the ground. After three times, Mihaeru stopped him. 

Episode 13

Rick was originally switching his music on, not off. 

Tao brings Takao to a clothing store and makes him cross-dress (dress like a girl). The shopkeeper then yells at them and Tao and Takao fight after being thrown out of the shop. 

A shot of Tao was cut. 

Shots of Blader DJ, Kai, Hiromi, team BBA, Kyouju, Neo Borg, the television, the crowd and stadium were cut. 

Episode 18

A shot of Kai surrounded by fire was cut.

Mihaeru's special attack, Fire Execution, was also cut.

Episode 23

In Yuriy's flashback of what happened in Russia with Kai, after he grabbed Kai's arms, he was shocked to see scars on them. In Japanese, Yuriy asked Kai how he had gotten them, instead of saying "Hey! I'm talking to you!". In the dub, the shot with the scars, and of course that part of the dialogue were cut.

Kai observes Driger's moves and, after a while, he decides to attack with Blazing Gigus. In the dub, the whole attack was cut ridiculously since we see Kai's face changing colour for the special move, then only feathers shooting out of nowhere trying to strike Driger.

Episode 29

Before facing a tired Takao, Kai wanted to make things even, so he asked Boris and Sergei to battle him. The three Neo Borgs went to a dark, isolated room and beybladed. In the dub, all we know is that Kai turns up with cuts and slightly exhausted. In the original version though, it is revealed that Sergei and Boris passed out during or after their fight against Kai. It is Yuriy who discovers them.  Cut29.jpg

Episode 30

After Takao counter-attacked Kai's Blazing Gigus Tempest with a tornado, Kai is shocked and he cuts through the storm with two fingers. This special attack is called Zan ('cut' in Japanese) and it was cut in the English dub.

Episode 36

During Yuriy's fight against Garland, some scenes of him being beaten by the BEGA blader are cut, most likely because of the violence. Cut36.jpg

Episode 38

When witnessing the BEGA fans bullying the kids who did not own a BEGA card, Hiromi pushes Daichi because she is upset. 

During the interview, Ming Ming punches the interviewer. 

Cut38.jpg Some hits from Garland were removed in the dub, when Kai and him are having a practice match. For example, sometimes Garland's arm will be extended, but viewers never saw him extend it. There is also some blood in that fight. 

Episode 41

This short scene of blood trailing down from the corner of Kai's mouth was cut in the dub. In Takao's house, where many beybladers are watching Kai's fight, the same scene is shown on the television, and that shot was also removed. Cut41 1.jpg

Episode 42

Because of the violence involved, a few scenes of Kai being hit by Zeus's attacks were cut. This sometimes develops confusion to the viewer of the dub version since one second you see Kai standing, and the next he is lying on the ground with more cuts.

A shot of Takao's television showing paramedics surrounding Kai's fallen figure was removed in the dub. This scene showed the real extent of the damage Brooklyn inflicted on Kai.

Episode 48

When Rei and Max try to interfere in the match between Kai and Brooklyn, Takao stands in front of them with his arms blocking their way. Rei grabs him by the front of his shirt and asks him to explain why he won't let them save Kai. The part where Rei grabs Takao's shirt is cut in the dub. 

This short scene of Yuriy crying, showed after Dranzer MS shattered in the hall, in the original, was omitted in the dub version. The only possible reason is that they did not want to make Kai's fall seem like a serious death.

Episode 49

Like for episode 36, Garland's physical kind of strategy made the dubbers delete scenes where Takao was punched, as well as others where the 'beauty' of the fight was shown...

Episode 50

After his defeat to Takao, Garland goes with Hitoshi to meet Volkov in his office. The man shows his frustration by taking the papers that were piled on the corner of his desk and throws them furiously at Garland. The latter is shocked by this and closes his eyes for a second. In the dub, you see Volkov taking hold of some sheets, then there are sheets on the ground...

Episode 51

After Takao convinced Brooklyn to beyblade for fun and BEGA was officially destroyed, Volkov stood before its ruins, unable to believe reality. While he was standing there, fans walked on him, a dog pissed on him and a bird relieved itself on his face. The two last scenes were cut from the English dub, yet the bird excrement on Volkov's face is easily seen afterwards.

At the very end of the series, there was a cut scene where all the main teams and characters of Beyblade where shown while Kaze No Fuku Basho played. All those shots were cut except for the last one, featuring Takao, Kai, Max, Rei, Daichi and Kyouju with "... Thank you!".  In order, the images show: Bai Hu Zu; Mystel; Ming Ming; Kyouju, Monica & Moses; Brooklyn; Brooklyn; Brooklyn & Garland; Garland; Garland & his family book of principles; Garland; Neo Borg & Ivan; Hitoshi; Saint Shields; team Psykick; King and Queen & F Sangre; Aaron, Mathilda, Ralf & Olivier; Rick & Hiruta; Johnny, Giancarlo, Mihaeru, Claude, Blood & Howling; PPB All Starz; ZO; Taro, Romero, Ms. Keiko, [[Mr. and Mrs. Saien], Ryuunosuke & Hiromi; Tenmaru, Kennosuke & Hikaru; team BBA

[Episode 52

There was no 52nd episode in the Japanese version! The final episode of Beyblade was a 1 hour special. Nelvana decided to cut it into two 30 minutes long episodes, however some TV channels had a "season finale" special anyway.]