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Damle / ダムレ
Age: N/A
Team: Wild Fang
Coach: None
Beyblade(s): Counter Escolpio 145D
Holy Beast: None
Special Attacks:
Appearances: Metal Fight Beyblade episodes 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75
Seiyuu: N/A
English Voice Actor: N/A

General Description

Damle, whose gender is almost ambiguous on purpose, is an extremely shy character who however has intense capabilities in calculating how Beyblades move and in figuring out what the flaw or best course of action is. In Damle's mind, everything slows down and all the small details are highlighted, which comes in handy for his team, Wild Fang. His teammates are all impressed by his abilities.

He was one of the few to survive the qualifying event in Africa to represent this country in the Big Bang Bladers championship.