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Karura / カルラ
Age: N/A
Team: None
Coach: None
Beyblade(s): Guardian Garudas SD145PF
Holy Beast: None
Special Attacks:
Appearances: Zero-G (lost) episode 23, 26
Seiyuu: Kondou Takashi
English Voice Actor: N/A

General Description

Karura is dressed to inspire Kai Hiwatari from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade series: he has a four scarf, bandages around his arms and on the lower portion of his face like Kai after his last battle against Brooklyn, hints of blue triangles tatooed on his face, ample training pants, a purple coat collar, arm guards, a red belt and the same dark grey hair although Karura is bald on the sides of his head. His personality, however, differs a lot. He is the Guardian of the Fortress of the DNA organization and, as such, always sits with his legs crossed and his hands palm up on his knees, like in a meditation pose, in the field close to the DNA building. He acts very confident and creates the impression that he has out-of-this-world powers, but Zero and his friends discover thanks to Madoka that he actually only knows the terrain very well: the field he guards is prone to lava or fire eruptions, which may seem random at first as if he was really using a special attack on the spot, but Karura has taken the time to learn the rhythm of the small fire tornadoes' appearances by heart. In fact, it seems he even learned about the habits of the sky, since he often extends his hand to the sky as if to invoke lightning. Once his trick is busted though, he's no match for even Kaito Unabara.

To launch his Beyblade, he jumps into the air while still in the meditating position, legs crossed, and then ceremoniously falls back on the rock he uses as a pedestal.